Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Lesson with Finger Cymbals

Yes, you CAN play cymbals!

Even if you've tried before and couldn't play and move at the same time, try my step-by-step method.*
The secret to cymbals is your body has to move in time with the beat! Just change weight from one foot to the other, or use your hips as I do in the video below.
wearing finger cymbals
Position the elastic between nail and knuckle
First, make sure you are wearing the cymbals correctly, with the elastic between your nail and knuckle. Students often can't play easily because they don't have the cymbals on right.
Then try the first video and follow me as I move, listening to the cymbals. After you can do the first video, try the next one. You'll be able to learn on your own! 

Tips for teaching finger cymbals

Teachers, the video demonstrates a solid method for teaching that works. Building from the simplest steps and increasing the complexity bit by bit creates teaching segments and structure for the "drill" part of class. 
Keep in mind that because there are no students to correct in the video, it does move from one segment to the next faster than a real-life class. You will need to give students more time to feel comfortable as they discover this new skill. 

Here's the first video on how to dance and play Finger Cymbals!

*Note: this method is for "Oriental" solo dancing. My Tribal Odyssey group improv method works a different way. In that method, students learn the dance combinations first, then add specific patterns to the combos. It's easier for beginners. If you want to learn more, see the TOBD drills playlist on my channel. 

Yours in dance,
Anthea "Kawakib"
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