Tuesday, June 2, 2015

early veil dancing in the West

The veil has always had a powerful draw for dancers, not just bellydancers, but in Western dance arts as well.
Here is a veiled Anna Pavlova striking a pose in the early 1900s, photographed by Arnold Genthe, who often used dancers as a subject for photos.
veiled dancer
a veiled Anna Pavlova
The image below is from "The Power of Dance" by C. Madeleine Dixon, who taught dance arts to young people in the 1930s.
veil dancing outside
Title: "To the Ploughed Fields" 
I love the amazing contrast of these two pictures: Pavlova's statuesque stillness in a darkened room, and the girls' joyous, free-spirited dancing in the sunshine.

Yours in dance, 
Anthea Kawakib
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